PS5: June 4 event postponed in support of US protests


The highly anticipated PS5 event should have been on June 4 that will finally showcase new games for the next generation Sony Interactive Entertainment console. We don’t know if Sony’s intention was to also show the gaming machine and we certainly won’t know this Thursday. The Japanese company has in fact decided to postpone the event. The motivation? The protests currently taking place in the USA, following the death of George Floyd.

The message was shared a few minutes ago via the PlayStation social channels. You can read the original message below, which we also offer you in translation: “We have decided to postpone the PS5 event scheduled for June 4th. We understand that players all over the world are excited to see PS5 games, we don’t think it’s a good time for celebrations and, for now, we want to take a step back and allow more important voices to be heard.

That of Sony Interactive Entertainment it is not a strange choice. These are difficult days and what has happened in the USA is serious: it is more than understandable that the company prefers not to go down the drain with something “frivolous” like a game presentation. PS5 will still have plenty of time to show off. For now we do not have a new date: probably the company itself has not yet clearly defined when to broadcast its event.

It is highly probable that the decision was made “in a hurry” over the past couple of days. We will certainly have to wait at least a few days before we can get new information. The summer is long and the upcoming events are manifoldi: a few additional days will not change the quality of the video games that we are destined to discover thanks to the presentation.

In the meantime, while we wait to discover PS5, we can have fun with PlayStation 4: you can find it on Amazon.

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