PS5 could affect PC architecture and improve it, says Tim Sweeney –


SS5 could affect architecture PC is improve it in the future, where manufacturers decide to take inspiration from the new Sony console, according to Tim Sweeney.

The founder of Epic Games, who long ago spoke of the PS5 SSD as an advantage that PCs will take years to bridge, explained that the system by which data is decompressed from the disk and sent directly to the GPU represents a huge step in ahead in terms of performance.

“The exciting thing for PC fans is that the architecture of PlayStation 5 represents concrete evidence of a system that uses high-speed decompression from SSD and transmits data directly to memory video“wrote Sweeney.

“Is it enough for Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA and AMD to work together to achieve this goal? We will see,” continued the founder of Epic Games, adding that there are articles that already speak of some efforts in this direction.

A solution that will eliminate any bottleneck in terms of bandwidth between the various PC components would certainly mark a revolution in terms of performance, and it is positive that the new consoles stimulate this discussion.

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