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PS5 and Xbox Series X have finally been revealed but there has not yet been the possibility of seeing them side by side, therefore the possible ones always arouse great curiosity size comparisons of the two consoles, which at the moment can only be done roughly but in some cases rather convincing, as regards this 3D rendering by Windows Central, which allows you to make a 360 degree comparison from all sides.

The most easily deducible dimensions are those of the Xbox Series X, both because the console has actually been physically shown and even made to test some journalists (such as the famous Digital Foundry technical analysis), and because it is basically a square-based prism it also becomes easier to calculate them measures.

As for the Microsoft console, the most credited assumption speaks of a prism with a square base of 16cm per side, 31cm high (if placed in a vertical position). This puts it practically al peer of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro as a vertical height, obviously being wider but also less deep.

On PS5 the mystery is more intense, because there is no physical evidence of the console, shown during the famous Sony presentation only in the form of render. The direct comparison in the new render published by Windows Central, which you can see at this address, is not far from the other comparison that had emerged previously, based above all on some reference points such as USB ports and disk slots.

It is always a rough analysis, especially as regards the depth which is currently the most mysterious aspect of the PS5, but allows you to see how the new Sony console detaches practically all the others in terms of size, which are truly imposing, while appearing less deep than PS4 Pro, apparently.

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