PS5 and PS4, Sony makes Oodle Texture a free standard: global license acquired


The time when PlayStation 4 will officially give way to the new flagship of Sony is getting closer, inaugurating the transition to the next gen signed by PlayStation 5.

In the meantime, Sony’s top management has decided to make an interesting investment. To make it known is Red Game Tools, a company in the tech sector, which announced the purchase of its own license by the gaming giant. As you can see at the bottom of this news, Sony has in fact chosen to obtain a license to use Oodle Texture with which the software is made available to “all PlayStation 4 developers e PlayStation 5 “, which can therefore have automatic access.

Oodle Texture is a tool designed to prepare data for an operation compression. Its use allows to reduce the weight of the graphic elements by about 5 – 15%. In some cases, with a particularly effective optimization, the result can even benefit from a compression of between 20% and 50%. Compatible with many platforms, this versatile the tool can be used both on Sony and Microsoft consoles, but also on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. According to reports from Red Game Tools, Oodle Texture will work excellently in tandem with the decompression tool equipped with PS5, called Kraken.

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