Ps5 and Ps4 compared: is it worth buying the new console?


Given the presentation of the aesthetics of the new console and notes its main features, here is a first comparison.

(Photo: Sony)

Sony has removed the veils from Ps5 on the sidelines of the event focused on the games that will accompany the first months of the launch of the new generation console. This completes a first picture that tells almost everything about the future Playstation from design to functionality passing through the salient hardware features. It is therefore possible a first comparison between the current generation, Ps4, and the next one.

Ps5 vs Ps4: the design

ps5 accessories
(Photo: Sony)

Radical change in the design of Ps5 which, with its sober and mono-colored lines, focuses on a predominant white color on the outside and black on the inside near the air vents. To complete the picture, two flaps that open outwards and follow the edge along the long part and ablue led lighting. Just like the previous one, it can be placed vertically or horizontally. The aesthetics of Ps5 triggered the imagination on Twitter, here is a collection of unmissable photo montages.

Ps5 vs Ps4: the hardware features

ps5 hardware
(Photo: Sony)

Many horses under the two-tone body for Ps5 whose technical data sheet is strong on a chip 8 core Amd Zen 2 and 3.5 GHz frequency against the 1.6 GHz Amd Jaguar of the various versions of Ps4 (always octa-core).

In terms of graphics power, from 1.84 in Ps4 and 4.20 in Ps4 Pro we move on to the 10.28 teraflops of the future model, the ram doubles compared to the predecessors from 8 to 16 gb and the bandwidth to 448 gb / s against the 8 gb and 176 gb / s of the previous console. The internal memory will start from 825 gb against the 512 gb of starting Ps4 and 1tb of Ps4 Pro.

A novelty such as 3D audio is introduced while the optical drive (of the version that is equipped with it) will be a 4k blu ray against the traditional blu ray of the fourth version.

Ps5 vs Ps4: the controller

dualsense vs dualshock 4
(Photo: Sony)

We told you in detail what changes compared to the new DualSense controller compared to the DualShock 4. Apart from the colors, the name and the lines, the new controller introduces a more advanced haptic feedback which modulates vibrations, a longer battery life (which is recharged via USB type-c and no longer microusb) and triggers that vary the resistance to pressure. There is also an integrated microphone as well as a Create button probably to make gameplay and replay videos.

Ps5 vs Ps4: the price

The cost of selling the Playstation 5 has not yet been announced, but it should start from 499 euros for the digital only version e 699 euros for the one with optical drive. At launch, Ps4 cost € 399, while the most recent version Ps4 Pro costs € 409.

Ps4 vs Ps5: does the upgrade deserve?

Surely much will depend on the launch price and the target audience. As for Sunday gamers, if Ps5 will start at 499 euros the investment will be more attractive, but if it were 599 euros then it could suffer internal competition from a Ps4 Pro that holds the 4k without problems and whose price list will inevitably drop.

Different speech for the more assiduous gamers: improvements like the ray tracing, 3D audio and the DualSense controller will significantly raise the performance bar and immersion, being also Ps5 ready for 8k when it becomes standard.

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