PS5: a new photo may reveal its actual size


After the recent presentation of PS5, video game enthusiasts, from all over the world, have not stopped wondering about the size of the next console Sony, which will soon be placed in our living rooms or bedrooms, also used for recreational and creative activities. How big will the console be? Will it take up too much space? Better to arrange it vertically or horizontally? Futuristic design will it adapt well to home furniture?

These are just some of the questions that gamers are asking themselves, considering that consoles are now also being furnished. However, it has recently appeared a new image on the web which could appease our curiosity. It seems that this is not a photomontage, as the immortalized object complies with the characteristics already known and widespread on the internet, also giving us a test of the actual size of PS5.

You can consult this photo on the ResetEra forum. The latter depicts three men, one of whom, in particular, embraces a white console with the PlayStation logo. Judging by appearances, the three men with a rather satisfied air, could in all probability be gods Sony technicians. Furthermore, the console in the arms of the man in question allows us to observe the relative proportions and this would confirm the numerous theories on the generous dimensions of the PS5 – which, as we know, It is inevitable, given that the Japanese giant has promised a quieter, more performing and capable of dissipating heat console more efficiently than ever before.

We look forward to more photos similar to the one we have proposed, for additional confirmations. Who knows how much space will actually occupy the Digital Edition version and the one equipped with a Blu-ray player, but above all if PS5 will truly be the largest console ever. And if we had really found an answer to this question, there is still one that, however, worries users a lot: the price at launch.

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