“Proud to be black, proud to be me”


Tough and passionate post on Instagram by the Fiorentina midfielder, who arrived in January from Sassuolo

This is the post (written in English) by Alfred Duncan, Published on Instagram: “I have been a victim on many occasions, humiliated, insulted and ignored even by the people next to me. I know and I don’t need to remember that I am BLACK and I am more than proud of who and what I am! People tend to forget that we are made of dust and so we will all have to end. Nobody was born a racist, so it’s a matter of EDUCATION by parents at home. I will never feel inferior to anyone in any way, nor for any reason !!! We are all human and this is the race I know. Publishing a trendy black post on social media does not make you a non-racist … I will not allow anyone to abuse me because I do not abuse anyone, so I urge my brothers to be strong because “whoever tries to knock you down is already under you”. Hate is a disease that has no cure! I am human and I love being ME“.

Many comments and approval likes, including those of teammates Dalbert is Kouame.

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