Protests in the United States, the fault of the Antifa or criminals? It is guerrilla in Manhattan


NEW YORK Another night of systematic looting in New York despite the curfew, the first decreed in the city since 1943. And in the metropolis, as in other parts of America, the policemen become targets: hit by the off-road vehicles of the looters in Manhattan, in the Bronx, but also in Buffalo in the north of the state, while in Las Vegas an agent was hit by a bullet in the head: he was trying to disperse a violent demonstration in front of the Circus Circus casino: in critical condition.

And then Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio decide to bring forward the New York curfew from 11 to 8 in the evening, and to make it last for at least the whole week, while thousands of protesters gather in front of the police headquarters, in the southern part of Manhattan. A peaceful sit-in, but too often these days as darkness falls, protests have been transformed into urban guerrillas by the infiltration of radical groups of various origins or into raids organized by criminal gangs who take advantage of the chaos.

Donald Trump promises to restore law and order, threatens to use the army, but shows little understanding of what is going on when, in inviting governors to use strong manners, he compares the current uprising to the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement : It was a real misfortune until someone said enough and brushed them away. Nobody has heard of it for years. Until today: I’m hearing about Occupy today. That, in the words of the president, synonymous with Antifa, the often violent radical groups that Trump would like to ban as terrorist organizations.

It cannot do this because America does not have a law on internal terrorism and because these movements do not have a precise organization or recognized leaders. But above all, it makes no sense to compare today’s violence and chaos to the nine-year-old movement that confined itself to peaceful protests, with protesters arrested almost only for resistance to the public force, perhaps for an unauthorized procession. Occupy was not only violent, but had an organization and order service which, although not as iron and steel as those of the unions and Italian parties in the era of large mass demonstrations, still managed to calm the troublemakers and avoid infiltrations.

Occupy over for consumption: the failed experiment of widespread leadership, unable to set clear objectives and to give itself an effective strategy to achieve them.

Today the different picture: massive but unorganized protests, based on word of mouth in the social networks within which the Antifa extremist groups move (in which former Occupy radicals may have converged) who seek provocation and confrontation and groups of rebels and common criminals who practice looting as a proletarian expropriation or simple theft.

They want to lead America into civil war by smashing everything they find on their path. Destructions and looting are carried out by small groups that move from street to street with military technique: they attract the attention of the police in one point and strike elsewhere. Before the curfew, some of the most prominent stores were devastated and looted in central Manhattan the other night: Microsoft, At & t, Michael Kors, Nike, Aldo, Nintendo. Everything is well organized: some break the windows by throwing bricks, others arrive with Citybike’s stolen bicycles to take away the stolen goods. coordinated gang work says the police. They are not provocateurs who come from outside: they are from here, we know them.

But the looting also begins to be punctuated by episodes of murderous anger focused against the agents, while even in the daytime protests the violent launch attacks that peaceful demonstrators try to block without great results, having no experience of these guerrilla techniques. Until the agent purposely swept into the Bronx by an off-road vehicle while trying to block a looting. only a fucking policeman comments on the woman filming the scene.

June 2, 2020 (change June 2, 2020 | 11:49 pm)


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