Prohibitionism ‘costs’ 20bn. Di Battista pro cannabis – Chronicle


The debate on the legalization of cannabis is rekindled on the occasion of the presentation of the White Paper on Drugs which highlighted how ‘prohibitionism’ in Italy costs 20 billion euros in lost revenue for the state. And it is on the wave of these data that today the event ‘I cultivate’ was staged in Piazza Montecitorio, during which the leader of + Europa Emma Bonino returned to indicate the legalization as a “financial blow to those who speculate on the prohibition: legalizing means sending the mafia into bankruptcy “. M5S MPs were also present at the sit in. And in a post Alessandro Di Battista invited to make the battle for the legalization in a “secular and rational” way avoiding to take “selfies with a cane in hand” but stressing however that “the regulation of the cannabis market would produce an increase of GDP between 1.20% and 2.34% “. Pro M5s MP Ms Aldo Penna also filmed while growing cannabis seeds: “It does not make sense that the Consolidated Drug Law considers it illegal to grow cannabis at home while a Cassation ruling provides that personal use of hashish will not be punishable. “


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