“Prisoner” of Immuni: it is the denunciation of a 63 year old from Bari | But notifying the doctor is voluntary


What should be stressed, for the record, first of all is that the installation of Immuni is on voluntary basis. Just as it is entirely voluntary to notify your doctor or not of having received a notification from the application about an alleged contact with a person suffering from coronavirus. In fact, the App only sends an alert signal with a code to be communicated to the general practitioner. It is up to each of us to decide whether to do it or not.

It is true that, presumably, if you downloaded Immuni it is for “civic sense”, as the Bari lady also points out. And therefore it is always out of civic sense that one is led to notify the doctor that he has received the notification from the App. He will then notify the ASL and from here the precautionary quarantine, lasting 15 days, or alternatively until the outcome of a negative swab.

The woman received Immuni’s notification on Sunday afternoon after a weekend spent at the beach, observing interpersonal distancing. After notifying the general practitioner, the ASL is contacted the following day. And Tuesday afternoon, through an email and a phone call from the Department of Prevention, the quarantine is triggered. “I can’t tolerate this limitation of freedom”, he admits. “I uninstalled the App and advised relatives and friends to do the same,” he concludes.

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