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Not a day goes by without British newspapers publishing an article on Prince Charles. Almost totally ignored until a few months ago, the heir to the throne is increasingly present in the pages of the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Times and in the BBC and Sky broadcasts. His press office is working hard to improve his image, so much so that some important event concerning him is on the horizon: perhaps the handover on the throne of the United Kingdom?

It’s just an illusion, but some royal correspondents have noticed that something has changed in recent weeks. Queen Elizabeth is confined to Windsor Castle with her husband Philip, who on June 10th will celebrate the ninety-ninth birthday only with her and her most faithful servants. The agenda of the Sovereign’s commitments was canceled not only throughout 2020, but also for 2021. Elizabeth has been photographed in recent days on horseback of Balmoral Fern, a quiet 14-year-old Fell pony, only to confirm to everyone who is so well that he can still afford, at 94, a horseback ride in Windsor Park. But being healthy is one thing, continuing to reign at that age is another.

Forced to respect the isolation decided for all the people of her generation, Elizabeth has disappeared from public life and will probably remain absent for many months. The monarchy cannot afford such a long vacatio regis: contact with people, being seen in public, shaking hands are essential elements of its survival. For this reason, some experts of real things venture, a handover cannot be ruled out with his son Carlo at the end of this year, or at the beginning of the next, perhaps on the occasion of his 95th birthday.

Elizabeth often made it known that she would never abdicate and that having witnessed an abdication (that of her uncle Edward VIII) was already enough in a lifetime. But for Carlo the law of the Regency could be invoked, which would attribute to him the duties and duties of sovereign, however leaving the mother on the throne. Is that why we talk about him almost every day suddenly? The newspapers have informed the British, only in the last two weeks, that the prince is missing his grandchildren, “because hugs count”, who considers it a pleasant activity to take care of a garden during the quarantine, that one must worry about the difficulties of the theaters , of orchestras and singers, that having contracted Covid in a mild way helped him understand the suffering of the infected. A newspaper recalls that Charles was the first child to attend a coronation, that of his mother, but it was known since 1952. Another wonders if he can continue to write letters to ministers as a king, urging provisions on the things that belong to him. heart, and concludes that constitutionally it can no longer do so.

The figure of the heir to the throne is at this moment overexposed also for the bad figure that in the Covid emergency the new generations did, with William and Kate locked up for months in the Sandringham residence to do on Skype and Zoom proclamations of proximity and solidarity, in which it is clearly seen that they are reading a text that someone has prepared for them. William is always a little disheveled, without a jacket and tie; Kate has lost weight, she is said to be at loggerheads with Meghan and can not stand the extra work of representation to which the escape of the Sussex forces her. Harry and Meghan are in the Beverly Hills villa loaned to them by a friend: she made many days of delay, but one had to think about it, a banal statement against the killing of George Floyd. They are making progress towards economic independence and towards the desired life equal to that of others, but for now the expenses of security, about $ 10,000 a day, will be paid by Dad Carlo.

The heir to the throne must carry ever greater weight on his shoulder. Knowing that he could not have been remembered, for lack of time, as the best British ruler, Charles tried to be remembered as the best Prince of Wales. Maybe he did it, despite the mistakes and criticisms of the past. But now he has to study like a king, and his collaborators in the public relations office are unrolling discreetly, piece by piece, the carpet on which he will soon be called to walk.

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