Prima CdS – Mertens-record gives the final thrilling with Juventus. Kumbulla, assault on Lazio


“Mertens-record gives the thrilling final with Juventus. It’s Napoli-Sarri”. Number 14 only on the shirt because Dries Mertnes with last night’s goal becomes the best goalscorer in blue history. He marks and delivers the Italian Cup final to Rino Gattuso: “The Belgian signs the tie with Inter (1-1) and enters the history of the club as the best scorer” – writes the Corriere dello Sport on the first page of today, where he focuses his attention on the second semi-final of the Italian Cup, won by Napoli against Inter: “Eriksen’s goal is not enough for Conte”. Napoli coach Rino Gattuso at the end of the match touches: “‘Dedicated to Francesca’. Wednesday in Rome for the Cup”. Not only football played, the Roman newspaper also dedicates space to the market, a chapter on which Inter prick up its ears: “Kumbulla, Lazio assault; Verona asks for 35 million. Inter and Juve on the defender. Tare tries. Yes also with a technical counterpart”.

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