Presumed funds to M5s, Davide Casaleggio: “I have filed the lawsuit, I will go on to the end for my father”


“I do not think it is tolerable in a democratic system that a blatantly counterfeit sheet of paper combined with an absurd story is used to discredit a person who is no longer there. I invite everyone who has information about it to provide me or the Prosecutor with all the elements. that they can shed light on who and why he wanted to throw mud on the memory of my father. I will go to the end “.

Milan prosecutors investigate Venezuela document – In Milan, meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s Office has opened a fact sheet, with no hypothesis of crime or investigated at the moment, on the case of the alleged 3.5 million euro cash loan from Venezuela to the founder of the 5 Star Movement Gianroberto Casaleggio. Story at the center of a journalistic investigation published Monday by the Spanish newspaper ABC, accompanied by a document attributed to Chavista intelligence.

The investigation, coordinated by Deputy Prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli, head of the department that deals with tax crimes and corruption, aims to investigate first of all the authenticity of the Venezuelan report at the base of the service signed by Marcos Garcia Rey, a freelance journalist who has been in Venezuela for about three years. The prosecutors also want to understand if the story was created or not to damage the Five Stars. Two days ago, the prosecutor Francesco Greco, when asked by the reporters whether there would be investigations into the case revealed that morning in the Spanish newspaper and relaunched by the Italian media, replied that at an initial assessment the story “is not standing” and that if anything “everything is prescribed” and as early as 2016, referring to a possible illicit financing hypothesis.

The open file is presumed to have been instructed to shed light on what revealed is necessary for investigators to have in hand the report of the Venezuelan services in
what, at a first analysis of the experts, would present some anomalies, in particular in the graphics of a stamp affixed and in the header. And to do this, the prosecutors could resort to a European investigation order so that they could acquire the document in Spain. Then, another move could be to start hearing a series of people informed about the facts, first of all the journalist author of the report and the Venezuelan consul in Milan Gian Carlo Di Martino.

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