press conference with Morgan, but when it’s his turn he’s gone. Here’s what happened


We had stayed at the “what happened?”, “Where did Bugo go?” last Sanremo festival and from there we started again this morning during the press conference of «Back2Back – Let’s Let’s Special», the new live program of Rai Radio2 and Rai Play which from tomorrow for six Friday at 9 pm will see the stage of room B in via Asiago in Rome Piero Pelù and Bugo, Francesco Gabbani, Morgan, Ermal Meta, The Vibrations and Irene Grandi.Rai executives and program managers in via Asiago, artists connected via the web as well as reporters. To the question that a journalist asked Morgan it’s at Bugo together – on what they had done during the quarantine and if it were not the case, after these troubled three months, to leave behind Ariston’s conflict – Morgan replied first, on the phone: «I have certainly not been idle, I wrote 40 songs, almost one a day, and a daughter was also born to me. As for Bugo, these are things that I no longer remember, now far from my reality, I don’t care about the past ».

At that point the question was turned to Bugo but…Bugo, who previously connected via webcam, it was gone, perhaps because of a network interruption or perhaps because annoyed by the air of sufficiency of the colleague-rival. Who knows. Again “what happened?”, “Where is Bugo?”. Tomorrow evening, however, Bugo will be in via Asiago, together with Piero Pelù, live. But, for the two artists, two different sets.

Last updated: Thursday 18 June 2020, 15:13


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