“President elected by everyone’s votes, but not by the Democratic Party” – Libero Quotidiano


To play the charge and claim his role, Matteo Salvini chooses a surprise stage: Republic, one of the most hostile newspapers to him. An interview in which the leader of the League speaks very clearly. However, we start from self-criticism, from the decline of the Carroccio photographed by the polls: “I remain calm. Of course, I even make ten mistakes a day, I commit it like all those who make choices. But I remain at the helm of the party that according to the latest SWG poll has 8 points ahead of the Democratic Party “, he recalls. The message is clear:”The center-right leader is still me“. In addition to the errors, Salvini motivates the drop with the distance from people imposed by the lockdown:” We live among people, if you close everything for three months you will break us down. “Covid effect, in short.

And what would Salvini do as a premier? “He would say no to Mes and would issue treasury bonds: two hundred billion with ECB guarantee, without going through blackmail from Sweden, Holland or Austria. These Brussels, however, took another month to decide on Friday, while Europe is sinking. ”

But one of the most interesting passages is what it concerns the Quirinal, the succession a Sergio Mattarella. After invoking the vote for the policies maybe already in September, Republic he points out that, to date, there is a majority, and that is what he would like to elect the future head of state in 2021. “Reasoning in these terms is senseless – Salvini replies -. Here there is a risk of 3 million unemployed people, to hear Confindustria, and these think they are going to live for the Quirinale. In any case, I warn them right now: from here to the next few months the center-right will have the numbers in the classroom to be decisive and change the balance “.

What do you mean? “Will you elect the president?” He asks Republic. “I say that in the Democratic Party at least five contend for Colle, but they can put their souls in peace. The president will most likely be elected by everyone’s votes, except for the Democratic Party, who works to have one as he likes. “Do you mean to say that the president will be elected with center-right votes and M5s?” I repeat: with everyone’s votes except for the Democratic Party “, he cuts short, suggesting that there is in fact an agreement between center-right and M5s. “But in the meantime I express solidarity with the president in office: nothing short of the inelegant games of the Democratic Party that already thinks of his successor,” concludes Salvini.

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