Prato had a son with a 13-year-old pupil: sentenced to 6 and a half years for sexual violence


MEADOW – It was not love but sexual violence against a little boy. At least of this convinced the Prato court that has sentenced to 6 years and 6 months in prison the 32-year-old health worker accused of having had one relationship with a thirteen year old from whom he had a son. The judges have her husband also condemned (1 and a half year in prison) of the woman accused of lying by attributing the biological paternity of that infant. The defense, supported by lawyers Mattia Alfano and Massimo Nistri, had fought for the acquittal of the woman claiming that not only the relationship was consenting, but it occurred when the boy, to whom he taught English lessons, was 14 years old and therefore it was already for the legal personality law. The young student for in a testimony had denied her saying that the first relationships had started when he was still 13 years old. Statements for which the woman’s lawyers have always judged contradictory and without objective evidence.

I lost my mind

At the end of the indictment, the prosecution (pm Lorenzo Nistri) had asked for 7 years in prison for the woman and 2 for the husband. Yet the health worker (for one year under house arrest and then followed by a psychologist), also the mother of another son with her husband, seemed sincere when she told the prosecutor that she really fell in love with that boy. I lost my mind, but I didn’t touch it until he turned 14, he said. And the investigating judge had sworn that for her this was not just a story of sex and to that student to whom he taught English lessons, son of family friends who attended his own gym, he really loved. The investigating magistrates had ascertained another truth. According to the accusation, in fact, the woman would force the boy to have an affair with her. If you leave me I’ll kill myselfhe would have written to him. And even earlier he would have threatened to reveal their secret and show everyone that child who looked very much like them. That the lady, married and mother of a son also had by her husband (the examination of the DNA wanted by the prosecutor confirms it) had an obsession for the English student, as evidenced by the investigation papers. In which a jealousy scene is also described when the teenager goes out with a friend from school. Now I know for sure that you love a person – he writes via chat to the boy – and therefore I don’t understand if you love this girl what you do to me. And then she reproaches him for going to her only to have sex. He replies that he is exasperated, she replies that she is tired and threatens to kill herself. I think that this time I take courage I just have to find an almost painless way. And in the evening, still saying he loves him very much, he reiterates that he has found a solution: I shoot myself in the air.

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