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Luca Fiaschi during one of the last visits to Prato
Prato, June 6, 2020 – Luca Fiaschi has been found dead in his bed, from the partner with whom he had lived in Thailand for 7 years. The 45-year-old from Prato, well known in the city for having worked in the clubs of Prato’s nightlife, Florentine and not only at the turn of the 90s and 2000s, he had moved to the East to begin a new life. He was starting an import-export business, after having worked among other things for years in the textile sector until he remained in Tuscany. The causes of the death, which would have occurred on the night between Wednesday and last Thursday, are not yet clear, but it could be an illness, or a cardiac arrest.

A mocking fate for Fiaschi, always affectionately called “The Bull” by the closest friends of San Paolo, his home district where his mother still lives. He had never denied anything when he was young: a statuesque physicist, as a former swimmer first and as a careful gym goer afterwards. Blond, blue eyes and angel face, capable of driving many of the girls of the time crazy. Luca loved life, fun, and he had ridden it a thousand an hour, on the nights of the Florentine nightlife and also as an absolute protagonist in the summers of the Romagna Riviera, where he had become a well-known and appreciated character by the people of the night. And that the family geniuses were a little special is also testified by the fact that Luca’s sister, Linda Fiaschi, was, in 1994, the Italian swimming champion, before embarking on a satisfactory working career that led her to live in New York.

Just when San Paolo’s “Bull” seemed to have finally found his peace, with a Thai partner who in a few months would have given him his eldest son, the mocking fate presented him with the bill in a completely unexpected way, in a night of start of June. To mourn him, in addition to his mother and sister, who returned in a hurry from New York, there are also the many friends from Prato, with whom Luca had always kept a direct thread even after his transfer to Thailand. The Italian Embassy in Bangkok is taking steps to repatriate the body.

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