Power, when the passion for craft beer becomes a job


Make your passion into a job: who hasn’t dreamed it? But how many are capable of moving from dream to reality? You need a good dose of courage, a lot of constancy, a pinch of madness and, as in the most authentic grandmother’s recipes, enough luck. Alessandra Sprovera, Lorenzo Amato, Rocco Calamita and Antonio Carlucci, these ingredients all have them, in addition to a solid base of versatility, which has allowed them to move from their daily uses, to what over time has proven to be more than a hobby.

How did it go?
«Several years ago, almost as a joke, we decided to make beer at home. We were already lovers of this drink at the time which, however, offers a more varied panorama of tastes than wine: in fact, there are sweet, bitter, spicy and sour beers. We thought of experimenting what we really managed to do on our own, obviously on a reduced scale, but without altering the procedure: from the mixture of water and ground malts, separate the liquid part, then put to boil with the hops. To the must thus obtained, once cooled, add yeasts for fermentation ».

How did the experiment go?
«Rather well and slowly, thanks also to the first successes, we got passionate. We started attending Unionbirrai tasting courses, seminars, studies, discussing about production, forging relationships with professional brewers. We did not already know all four of us, our paths crossed by frequenting the “sector”: the feeling was born immediately and, from the recipe to the glass, we realized we were working very well together. Always with the aim of growing and improving ourselves, we had our beers tasted by experts in the field. Well, professional tasters not only did not reject our creations, but even promoted them with flying colors! ».

When the turning point?
“In 2017 we felt the time had come to get involved and we started the SenzaTerra project to bring our product and our way of living craft beer into the consumer’s glass”.

Why this name?
«For two reasons: first of all because we do not have our own production plant, but we let ourselves be” hosted “from time to time by different structures, personally following the production. Of course the recipes are ours, both in terms of raw materials used and process, but there is a continuous and stimulating comparison with the brewers who host us. We do not have a single reference system, because the production of beer does not take a single day: fermentation, for example, occupies a fermenter for a long time. Hence the need to diversify, in order not to create interference with the productions of the host brewery. But there is also another reason that explains this name: one of us is from Matera, so, after so much fussing, we thought that SenzaTerra would not do anyone any harm and would not feed silly bell tower rivalries “.

So what is the judgment on these three years?
«Good, we can’t complain, above all because everything was born out of passion. We have probed the market and are satisfied: we all carry out other jobs, so it has been a success all the more reason. Furthermore, the culture of craft beer is a little late here in Lucania, but it has also found fertile ground, with enthusiasts not only among the youngest. The same concept of artisanal drink, never the same because it is artisan, has now become an added value compared to the big brands ».

Where can your “creatures” be found?
“There is no physical place, we do mostly wholesale, supplying some places in Potenza and Matera, and also in the provinces. We also sell something outside the region, in Campania, Puglia and Calabria ».

In short, to be a hobby it went well: plans for the future?
“The coronavirus pandemic has slowed us down a bit, of course, but now let’s get back on track: the dream would be to turn this passion into a job in all respects. For good luck, however, we don’t say anything, in the hope of being able to toast soon! ».

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