‘Potential hand grenade, shame’


Andrew Scanzi has vented on his profile Facebook. The object of his invective is the manifestation of the center-right a Rome. What angered him was the fact that, in such a delicate phase, someone thought of organizing an event in which gatherings took place and where respecting all the rules of the moment was not possible. Among the snapshots published there are those in which Matteo Salvini he is photographed, without a mask, touching the phones of the people in the crowd to take selfies. At the moment, practices are not particularly recommended.

The center-right procession ran through the streets of Rome

A huge color banner characterized the demonstration of the center-right in Rome. Dozens of militants were present to keep him. The procession ran from Piazza del Popolo and moved towards Via del Corso. Naturally, the leaders of the three major parties were present: Matteo Salvini, Giorgia melons and Antonio Tajani. The three have positioned themselves at the head of the snake. The event, in addition to the slogans praising freedom, was also characterized by the constant invitation to respect social distancing.

Among the choirs that arose there were those of clear dissent reserved to the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Salvini, on Rai’s microphones, highlighted the fact that the event represents an opportunity to listen, remember and pass in the light of the fact that it arrives on the eve of the fall of the limitations of travel between regions.

Scanzi: ‘What a shame’

This did not escape Andrea Scanzi.

The journalist, on his Facebook profile, had the opportunity to comment rather harshly on the scenes which, among other things, he had the opportunity to highlight with photos published on his Facebook profile. Among the shots brought to the attention of his followers there are large groups of people very close.

In other images Matteo is noted Salvini approach the crowd without a mask. Circumstances that induce Scanzi to react rather harshly. “Without modesty, without decency” begins the journalist. “Doctors and nurses – he commented ironically – thank you. And we too”. According to the event staged it would potentially be “a hand grenade for cluster infections”. “Millions of people – continued the journalist – make a bunch of them to respect the rules every day and then they come here to frustrate everything”. Eloquent also the note reserved for his post: “What a shame”.

All that remains is to wait to see if the organizers will reply to the accusations of non-compliance with the rules.

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