Poster ‘monca’ has only the names of the male actors, social controversy but Medusa apologizes – Cinema


A new case of gender equality breaks out and controversy rages on social media. This time it is not about differences in wages or top positions in companies but about entertainment. In the poster of the new film ‘E’ per il bene ‘by Rolando Ravello, with Marco Giallini, Vincenzo Salemme, Giuseppe Battiston, Isabella Ferrari, Valentina Lodovini and Claudia Pandolfi you clearly read the names of the male actors, placed in the upper half of the posters while the names of the parterre of actresses are completely missing.

To raise the case was Selvaggia Lucarelli in a tweet in which he wrote: “A film about three men who feel ‘their power’ is being questioned. It will be to restore it that they have removed the women’s names from the poster, I guess.”

A few hours later the ex-honorable Paola Concia increases the dose, also on Twitter, writing: “The main culprits for this thing are the actresses who accepted it. Let it be clear”. Some users comment that it could be a strategy to promote the film, dry the comment of the Tanning: ‘Worse I feel’.

Meanwhile, the apologies of the Medusa production house arrive: “the poster is correct, unfortunately what is going on is a hardcover prepared in a hurry for the press conference, in which for a human error there are only the names of the actors. It is It was a mistake, sorry, no discriminatory intent and in fact the official poster sees all the names on the bill “, Giampaolo Letta, CEO of Medusa Film, who distributes the film in Vod from 2 July, tells ANSA.


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