Postalmaket is reborn thanks to a Friulian, it will compete with Amazon


19.6.2020 – 09:00 – How many of you remember Postalmarket, the Italian mail order service which, starting from 1959 has given millions of Italians the opportunity to purchase the best products advertised by Carousel directly from your home? For decades his catalog has entered our homes and led us to discover the mail order shopping; a custom that, in the United States of America, had already exploded in the early years of the Second Post-war period. At the basis of its success, the promise of well-being who brought i products advertised with minutia in its glossy pages and i known faces of television specially chosen to embellish the covers. There are in fact many actresses and the Models who lent their faces and charm to the mythical catalog postalmarket; from Sylva Koscina to the Kesler sisters, from Claudia Schiffer to Dalila Di Lazzaro, passing through Ornella Muti and Monica Bellucci. Today after years of administrative and judicial disputes, Postalmarket it will rise from its ashes like a phoenix. According to the first rumors, in fact, the service would seem to have to resume within Christmas 2020, in digital version and, for those who want to subscribe, also in printed version.

To bring him back to life will be theFriulian businessmanactive in the world of advertising, Stefano Bortolussi, who was interested in undertaking this arduous undertaking already in the distant past 2004, when the company was in full decline; nothing to do with the Postalmarket of the economic boom managed by the founder Anna Bonomi Bolchini.

The new Postalmarket, therefore, will no longer simply be a large catalog of hundreds of pages, but a portal of e-commerce which will compete with larger rivals such as Wish, Zalando and even Amazon.

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