Post coronavirus rave with 6,000 people in Manchester: one rape, one overdose dead and three stabbed – La Stampa


There is concern in North West England over two illegal raves that brought together 6,000 people last night, in open violation of the anti-contagion rules. As if that were not enough, a 20-year-old boy died of suspected overdose, a woman reported a rape and three people were stabbed. “These raves were illegal and condemn their conduct, were in clear violation of coronavirus laws and guidelines and had tragic consequences,” said Chris Sykes, of the Great Manchester area police.

About 2,000 people participated in a rave in the Carrington area, where “a series of incidents” occurred that required police intervention. Prosecutors are investigating the rape of an 18-year-old girl. One of his peers was hospitalized in very serious conditions after being stabbed and risked his life, while two twenty-year-olds were injured more lightly in several accidents. A 25-year-old was arrested for “possession of an offensive weapon”. Upon arrival of the agents, Sykes said, some participants threw objects at the police and vandalized their car. About 4,000 people participated in another rave in Droylsden, where there was death from suspected overdose but there was no violence.

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