Post Coronavirus, holidays for 1 Italian out of 2 but only 5% have already booked


Again according to the survey, 4 out of 10 opt for accommodation solutions considered “safer”: rented apartment (18.9%), family-owned house (17.4%) or host of relatives or friends (5, 2%).

On the opposite side, 25 million Italians (adults) have chosen not to leave (49%), of which almost 8 million for economic impossibilities (15.3%) mainly among the categories of self-employed workers (21.4%) twice that of employees (12.7%).

The health epidemic could inevitably also have repercussions on tourism consumption, emphasizes Ansa. In this context, those tourist destinations that best understand the wishes of the indigenous market will be rewarded. “” Taking over the opinion of Italians – comments the councilor for tourism of the Municipality of Siena, Alberto Tirelli – represents a fundamental tool for taking a plan more conscious actions in the direction of a concrete and more incisive relaunch of the tourism sector “.

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