Porto Empedocle, Covid outbreak on the migrant ship brought by the Sea Watch: 28 positive cases


“Twenty-eight positive migrants are on the ship at anchor in Porto Empedocle, a solution that we stubbornly demanded from the central government on April 12 to prevent outbreaks from developing on the territory of the island, without being able to limit and control them”. It is the comment on Facebook of the governor of Sicily, In the Musumeci, who added: “Today we understand better that request of ours. And whoever has ranted accusing us almost of racism, today will realize that we were right”.

The “Moby Zazà” ferry has been to Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport gaffe center, Giancarlo Cancelleri. Presenting a project in Porto Empedocle, he said enthusiastically to a local newspaper: “I have seen a ship moored, this means that they will arrive tourists and that there are prospects. “In fact, migrants were on board the boat.

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