Port of Trieste, all with Zeno D’Agostino: bipartisan support for the president dismissed by the anti-corruption Authority


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The workers together with the Northern League president of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, the unions together with the mayor of Trieste, all united to ask that Zeno d’Agostino stay at the helm of thePort system authority of the eastern Adriatic Sea. Has been dismissed by the National Anti-Corruption Authority because in 2016, when he was appointed by Minister Del Rio, already had the presidency of Trieste passenger terminal (Ttp), a company of which the port holds the 40 percent. According to Anac, he could not play that role, precisely because he was already responsible for investee company. A question that is partly formal, partly substantial, given that it concerns heaps of charges is interests potentially conflicting. In a word, the assignment was “inconferibile“.

The notification of the measure fell as lightning in Trieste where the Port in recent years, right under the guidance of D’Agostino, he has grown. So, one has been created around him bipartisan convergence which will bring political and union components to the streets, united in the same request, to maintain the manager in its place.

There was one the day after Anac’s decision first event of the camalli, i port workers, concerned that the acts approved by D’Agostino would cease. But he thought about it Mario Sommariva, current general secretary of the Port, appointed extraordinary commissioner by the Minister of Transport Paola De Micheli, to take on all the acts performed by D’Agostino. In the meantime, the appeals procedure and political mobilization. The lawyers who assist D’Agostino argue that according to the rule applied by the ANAC, it is not possible to be appointed by an administration if you have managerial positions in a company regulated by that administration. But the manager had been appointed by the ministry who was aware of the office of Ttp presidency, covered without operational powers or compensation. They ask the Tar of Lazio suspension and cancellation, believing that the rule has been applied disproportionately.

Now we announce one demonstration in the square of the Unification of Italy in Trieste, to say that the president must return to his post. The motivations contain different nuances, but all contribute to the recognition of the work done by D’Agostino who re-launched the Trieste port and created 300 new jobs. The former president will participate, speaking from the stage. The mayor will be with him Roberto Dipiazza, the governor Massimiliano Fedriga, trade unionists and politicians. “We look at this situation with optimism – he said Stefano Puzzer, of the Port Workers Coordination, presenting the initiative – If the Tar should however reject the appeal, inevitably there will be hot moments because the port and i Trieste they will return to the square and, in addition to blocking the airport, they will make their reasons heard in Rome. I have never seen a similar unit around one person. ”

Second Paolo Peretti of Filt-CGIL the port has been relaunched “thanks to three key elements: the internalization of the business, the development of the railway network that has been dead for 15 years and the creation of an agency with over 300 jobs”. Marco Rebez, of Uil Trasporti, underlines “the social pact which has arisen between trade unions and companies, which must start even more strongly after the Covid emergency “. Second Sasha Coluatti of the USB, “the port represents theelement key for the revitalization of the city “. The political forces and the economic operators of the port.

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