popular streamer Dr Disrespect has been mysteriously banned


In the last few hours, Twitch’s account has been banned for reasons that are still unclear Dr Disrespect, one of the most popular streamers of the Amazon platform.

Despite its 4 million followers Guy Beahm, this is the real name of the streamer, it was seen closing the channel. At the moment it is not clear what is the reason why the company has decided to suspend the account but it is likely that the decision has nothing to do with something done by the character during one of the last direct. Although this may be a risky hypothesis, it cannot be excluded that there may be some connection between what happened to the streamer channel and the insistent requests from the community to take measures against the owners of channels accused of harassment.

Here is Twitch’s comment on Dr Disrespect’s ban:

“As usual, we take action when we have clear evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of community guidelines or our terms of service. These measures are applied to all streamers, regardless of their status or their popularity among users. “

Waiting to find out more about the story, we remind you that Ninja could return to Twitch following the closure of Mixer.

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