Popolare di Bari: total coverage of members’ losses if they save the bailout plan and free shares to those attending the meeting


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The extraordinary assembly of the Popolare di Bari is a fundamental step for the future of the bank as it is called to approve the plan of the commissioners and the allocation of 1.6 billion prepared by the Interbank and Mediocredito Central Fund. A rescue under the direction of the state aimed at avoiding forced liquidation. The bank has announced compensation and incentive measures in favor of shareholders and shareholders; measures that are closely related to the passage of the rescue plan.

To convince members to participate in the meeting, it was decided to distribute free shares for members who will participate in the extraordinary meeting. Furthermore, full coverage of the losses and re-establishment of a minimum capital in favor of all the Shareholders is envisaged; The FITD, in agreement with MCC and the Bank’s Extraordinary Commissioners, will therefore renounce, in favor of the Bank and its current shareholders, the

payments already disbursed for € 364.3 million.

A 2.38 euro per share settlement proposal has also been announced to those who participated in the 2014 and 2015 increases and finally inventive with the assignment of a warrant for each share held excluding the shares subscribed in the share capital increases of the Bank approved and executed during the 2014 and 2015 financial years.

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