Polls, the list of the premier is worth 14.3%. Name and symbol deposited: With You


-> Giuseppe Conte confirms its popularity and shows that it has a personal consensus even with its own list. According to a survey by Quorum / You Trend, commissioned by Sky tg 24, a list of the premier today would go beyond the 14%. And it is precisely in these hours that an indiscretion circulates in parliamentary circles Affaritaliani.it raises: Giuseppe Conte allegedly deposited the name and symbol of his party. It would be called With you. The premier list would empty the Movement 5 stars but would also take votes from Democratic party. The situation for the League by Matteo Salvini e Brothers of Italy by Giorgia Meloni.

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But if the premier With you corrected to the polls with the 5 star movement, the pentastellates would immediately gain 4 percentage points: votes partly drained by the Democratic party. Which shows a certain commonality between the voters of the two main majority forces. With this scenario the League would rise by one point while the situation would remain unchanged in Brothers of Italy is Come on Italy.

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Voting intentions, again according to the poll by Quorum / You Trend, commissioned by Sky tg 24, would still premiere League by Matteo Salvini as the first list at 26.2%, although down on the past months. It reduces the distance more and more Democratic party by Nicola Zingaretti who settles in second place at 21.6% and targets the Northern League. The 5 star movement are placed in third place at 15.5% heels close by Brothers of Italy by Giorgia Meloni at 15%.

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