Polls, Salvini’s League and Zingaretti Democratic Party in decline. Conte’s party flies



Polls, Salvini’s League and Zingaretti Democratic Party in decline – POLITICAL SURVEYS NEWS

League of Matteo Salvini down: the Carroccio would have 26%, losing three tenths of the supermedia of the political polls processed by YouTrend for Agi on Thursday 12 June. The League does not smile, but neither does the Pd celebrate: i Dem of Nicola Zingaretti they also experience a decline. The Democratic party it loses 0.2% and drops to 20.4% according to this mayor, or rather, to the supermedia of the political polls.

Polls, M5s and Fratelli d’Italia by Giorgia Meloni rise – POLITICAL SURVEYS NEWS

M5S is Brothers of Italy pretty much according to i Youtrend polls. If the first two parties slip slightly, those who follow them grow. 5 star movement breaks the barrier by 16%: Crimi and Di Maio they earn 0.2% and reach 16.1%. Giorgia Meloni instead it takes 0.1%: fDI reaches 14.6%.

Polls, Forza Italia and Italia Viva are growing – POLITICAL SURVEYS NEWS

Avanza Come on Italy: 0.1% taken from the party of Silvio Berlusconi the achievement of 7%. Positive trend too Italia Viva of Matteo Renzi according to these political polls: 3.2% with + 0.2%. All the remaining formations would have less than 3% of the consents. In the order: The left 2.6% (-0.1) Action 2.5% (+0.2), greens 1.8 (+0.1). The sum of the parties that make up the majority of the Conte government would be worth 42.3%, 6 points less than the opposition of center.


THE surveys however they signal a variable that can change everything: the hypothetical “Count List“. If the prime minister decides to make a party, according to political polls supermedia elaborated by Youtrend would be between 12 and 15 points. Who would lose voters with the Giuseppe Conte’s party? Matteo Salvini Giorgia Meloni and Silvio Berlusconi they can rest assured: mainly the loss would be for the center and the Movement 5 Stars, to a lesser extent for the center-right. However, the polls tell us a second thing about Giuseppe Conte’s hypothetical party: According to the surveys of the Quorum and Ixè polls, a list of the Premier could potentially lead to the polls even a slice of undecided and abstained.

Surveys: League, Pd, M5s, Brothers of Italy, Forza Italia, Italia Viva. Latest political polls

Alloy 26.0 (-0.3)

PD 20.4 (-0.2)

M5S 16.1 (+0.2)

FDI 14.6 (+0.1)

Forza Italia 7.0 (-0.1)

Italia Viva 3,2 (+0,2)

Left 2.6 (-0.1)

Action 2.5 (+0.2)

Greens 1.8 (+0.1)

+ Europe 1.8 (+0.1)

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