Polls, Pd crisis. League, M5S and Fdi … Numbers party by party



Polls, Pd in ​​difficulty. League, M5S and Fdi … Numbers party by party

Pd of Zingaretti in difficulty, Matteo Salvini’s league stable: these are the main trends detected by the Tecnè election polls for the Dire Agency of 29 May. The Carroccio marks a + 0.1% and regains share 26%. Dems drop: half a point less for the Democratic Party which drops to 20.3%.

5 Stars and Brothers of Italy movement paired, Giorgia Meloni grabs Crimi and Di Maio at 15%, with fDI rising by 0.1% e M5S which drops by 0.1%.

Forza Italia passes to 8.2% (Silvio Berlusconi’s party was 8.1%). Following this, Italia Viva which, compared to the previous survey, lost 0.2% and rose to 3.1%. Below the barrier threshold The Left (2.7%), Action (2.5%), + Europe (1.8%), Greens (1.7%) and other parties (3.7%). The share of abstinence and undecided (42.1%) falls slightly.

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