Polls, Lega collapsed: ‘completely different situation’. Boom for …



Polls, League collapsed: ‘political scenario completely changed compared to the European elections’. Boom for a party – LATEST POLITICAL SURVEYS

A little over a year after the European elections, the political scenario is decidedly different. Despite an initial phase of constant growth, the League has started to lose blows in recent weeks and, except for a few recovery, the consensus is much lower than that recorded in the Europeans.

To detect it is Alessandra Ghisleri who, a guest of Myrta Merlino in the special episode of L’aria che pull su La7, pointed out that “the situation of the League has completely changed. A year ago her voters raised it to 34.3% with the promise of a major fiscal revolution, which however remained dormant because the yellow-green government then fell and the voters therefore sought other addresses. ”

The director of Euromedia Research stressed that, compared to 26 May 2019, the Carroccio would have lost 9.6 points, falling to 24.7%. Matteo Salvini’s League remains a leader in the current political scenario. Follows the Democratic Party, which, however, compared to the European (22.7) has lost 3 points and is below the threshold of 20%.

Over the months, however, another political force has grown tremendously. They are Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia, which moreover absorbed a large part of the League’s loss of consensus. Now FdI is at 13.4% with a jump of 6.9 points compared to 12 months ago. The M5S, on the other hand, dropped to 15.5% with a variation of 1.6 points compared to the European ones.

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