Polls, Giorgia Meloni’s overtaking at 5Stelle has already started. First Party League – Time


The parties warm up their engines in view of the regional elections of 20/21 September, but for the latest polls it is after that the center-right could attempt the coup. Meanwhile, the game is played on paper. There League remains first party, even if the figures over 30% of the past Europeans are far away. From the latest survey average prepared by Political thermometer comparing the surveys made by SWG, Ixé, Demopolis, EMG, Noto Sondaggi, Tecné and Ipsos, during the week from 21 to 27 June, the party of Matteo Salvini it stands at around 26% with values ​​ranging from 23.8% (Ixé) and 28.5% (Noto). The Democratic party it is credited on average at 20.3% and the difference from Matteo Salvini’s political strength varies significantly according to the individual institutions, going from a minimum of 1.6% in the detection of Ixé to a maximum of 9% for Noto.

In the weekly average the 5 star movement, stable at 16.2%, it is just over one percentage point Brothers of Italy, which stands at 14.8%. Only in the survey carried out by Tecné the party of Giorgia Meloni is presented before relative majority formation in the current Parliament. Staying in the center right, Come on Italy it is credited on average at 7%, with a slight negative trend. The coalition reaches a total of 48.2%, reaching 51% in the survey of the Antonio Noto institute.

Italia Viva it stands at 3.3% and is the latest political force capable of exceeding the 3% barrier set by the Rosatellum on average: however, the data of individual surveys vary in an interval between 2.9% reported by three polls houses and 4.8% of EMG, the most favorable party institution Matteo Renzi. Finally, between 2 and 3 percent Action of Carlo Calenda is Leu / The Left, credited respectively to 2.7% and 2.6%.

Among the leaders, however, the premier remains firmly in the lead Giuseppe Conte. «Its popularity – ensures Ilvo Diamanti on Repubblica – remains largely in the majority. Around 60%, in the last few weeks, after reaching 70% in February, when the pandemic broke out ». Destined to last, at least according to the interviewees, his Government: Almost 60% of them believe, in fact, that “the people’s lawyer” will stay at Palazzo Chigi for a long time. Over a year, according to 22%. Until 2023, that is, at the end of the legislature, according to 36%. Always 60% of the interviewees, in the future, would like Conte engaged in politics and institutions. As leader of a party already existing or at the helm of one of his “creatures”.

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