Poll: avalanche center-right also exceeds 50%


Fifty-one percent. From the last poll created by Noto Sondaggi for Door Door of Bruno Vespa a sensational number came out, which goes to assign to the possible coalition of center an absolute majority of the votes.

The demoscopic institute has probed what the voting guidelines of the Italian population are and the response is as follows: the center-right area would be able to intercept the 51% of preferences, against 40% of the favors that the majority of the center-left Giallorossi currently in government would take home.

In short, if on the one hand the executive forces are in great trouble, on the other the opposition flies. Specifically, the League Matteo Salvini earns one percentage point, rising from 27% to 28% of the consents. Brothers of Italy instead, Carroccio is worth half, given that Giorgia Meloni’s party remains stable and is registered at 14% of the votes.

The performance of Come on Italy, with the blues of Sivlio Berlusconi recovering by half a percentage point, at 7.5%. So stable at 1.5% Let’s change! by Giovanni Toti, governor of Liguria.

So coming to 40% of Giallorossi, it remains below 20% negatively Democratic party by Nicola Zingaretti & Co, given that the dem team – according to the survey – does not go beyond 19.5% of the votes.

At 16% split there is the 5 star movement by Beppe Grillo and Vito Crimi, while Italia Viva Matteo Renzi remains bogged down to 3.5% e Free and Equal just 1%.

To close the survey, here is the good result of Action, given that Carlo Calenda’s party remains stable at 3%; stable, but at 1.5%, i greens, while More Europe it drops by half a point and sinks to 0.5%. All other parties put together weigh 4%.

But the survey does not end here, given that he went to investigate what would be the electoral weight of the hypothetical party of Giuseppe Conte, which would stand at 16%. First of all, the electoral consequences for the center-right basin would be very reduced, which would lose just two percentage points in total, falling to 49%.

It would instead be trouble, for the current forces in government: the Democratic Party, in fact, would collapse to 12%, losing 7.5% of the indications; the M5s would end up below 10%, just 9%, yielding 7 points. Iv of the former scraper would drop by one point to 2.5% and Leu would be halved: from 1% to 0.5%. A perspective, in short, that dem and pentastellati don’t like at all, which would thus risk being undermined by the self-styled lawyer of the people.

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