Politano transforms the penalty in a polemical way and silences the Juventus bench


After transforming his penalty kick Mattia Politano made a very eloquent gesture, he turned to the Juventus bench and put his forefinger in front of his mouth, as if to say: ‘shut up’ ?. But with whom did the former striker of Inter and Sassuolo have it? Probably with some Juventus players sitting on the bench.

With whom Politano had it

A game played behind closed doors, without opposing fans who whistle at you while you go to kick a penalty, and played not as an ex with a poisoned tooth. Keeping this in mind, we really asked ourselves why Mattia Politano had wanted to silence someone after the penalty that had momentarily brought Napoli on 2-0. Who was that gesture aimed at? Most likely he was facing some players on the Juventus bench who should have said something to him as he headed towards the spot. Politano got mad and returning to the circle of the field he also turned to the arbitrator Duties to whom he reported something, perhaps he told him that he had heard a few words he did not like.

First career trophy for Mattia Politano

Mattia Politano in the end rejoiced with all his teammates and for him the joy was double. Because the Coppa Italia won with Napoli is the first professional title of his career – he had obtained yes but only in terms of youth football with Roma. Politano therefore starts his adventure with Napoli well and transforming the penalty, the second of his team, he also managed to break free. Because between Inter and Napoli in 23 games he had never managed to score. The penalty does not enter the official statistics, but a goal in a final does not happen every day. The last league goal made him over a year ago, he wore the Inter shirt.

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