Policeman humiliates migrants by forcing them to slap, suspended – Chronicle


The video went viral, which portrays a policeman slapping an immigrant and forcing other refugees to slap each other as “punishment” for attempting to escape from a reception center.
The story already known led to the registration of the agent in the register of suspects on charges of abuse of the means of correction, after the report made by the Police Headquarters to the Agrigento Prosecutor. The policeman was also released from office: he will no longer serve in the reception center where the events took place. On Wednesday afternoon, according to the instructions of the investigating judge Alessandra Vella and requested by the prosecutor Cecilia Baravelli, the evidentiary accident will take place: five of the Tunisians, including the two who would have been forced to slap each other, will be questioned by the same investigating judge, the prosecutor and by the defender of the investigated policeman, the lawyer Daniela Posante.


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