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ROME. Maria Cristina Rota left Palazzo Chigi after almost eight hours, the Public Prosecutor investigating the failure of the red zone in the Bergamo area had arrived at the government seat at nine and three quarters of the morning to listen to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and ministers Luciana Lamorgese (Internal) and Roberto Hope (Health). A series of delicate hearings, to hear the government’s version of the dynamics that led to those decisions. We want to understand why the Bergamo area was not armored already at the beginning of March, when the contagions were now out of control, and who was to decide, given that the government and the region are repeating the responsibilities. “The hearings took place in an atmosphere of maximum relaxation and maximum institutional collaboration,” comments Rota, leaving Palazzo Chigi. And Conte explains: «I wanted to clarify all the passages in the smallest details».

Red zones, the first declarations of the Pm Rota: “Hearings in maximum institutional collaboration”

The first to be heard, as “person informed of the facts”, is Prime Minister Conte. An interview that started around 10 and lasted about three hours. So, it was up to the Minister Lamorgese to tell her version for over an hour and immediately after in Speranza, also for an abundant hour. “I think anyone who has had responsibility within this emergency, from the head of the WHO to the mayor of the smallest country, should be ready to account for the choices made,” says Speranza after the hearing. «It is the beauty of democracy. It is right that it should be so. For my part, there will always be maximum availability towards those who are investigating ».

Giannini: “Salvini has already issued the sentence against Conte for the red areas in Lombardy”

“We have heard the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and the Minister of the Interior informed of the facts,” Rota told reporters. Now we are grateful for these statements to complete our work ». Conte, yesterday, speaking with the press, said he was calm because “I acted in science and conscience. I immediately made myself available, dutifully, to inform the Public Prosecutor of all the circumstances of my knowledge ». But the prime minister yesterday also reiterated that if he went back he would confirm his decision not to establish a red zone in the Bergamo area.

Red zones, Salvini: “For the prosecutor of Bergamo it was up to Conte to create them. Let’s hope Palamara won’t block it”

An investigation into an affair which is primarily political and which for weeks has been opposing the national government – supported by the majority PD-M5s-Iv-Leu – with the Lombard center-right government led by the League. It is no coincidence that Matteo Salvini today used the hearings of the PM Rota to attack Conte: «I don’t want to comment in my own words but with those of the Bergamo prosecutor, that is, it was up to the government to create the red zones. The Lombardy region had no responsibility “.

Coronavirus, the complaints of the families of the victims of Bergamo: “We want justice, they have not even asked us to apologize”

A phrase to which Rota, questioned by reporters at the exit of Palazzo Chigi, replies as follows: “No (I did not say that the responsibility was with the government, ed.). I had stated that from the statements we had in place there was that at the time. Today I have nothing more to add ».

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