PlayStation 5: steam chamber and 6 fans for the dev kit cooling system


Be PlayStation 5 that Xbox Series X they will have decidedly performing hardware, but this will involve compromises in terms of cooling and dimensions. We know that the Xbox Series X will be large in size, and that it will look like a refrigerator, as Microsoft jokingly admitted. The form factor has not yet been shown on PlayStation 5, but according to speculations, we must expect more generous dimensions than those of the last PlayStation.

Furthermore, it seems that the famous V-shaped PlayStation 5 dev kit led Sony technicians to use aggressive solutions for its cooling system with steam chamber and 6 fans. This is confirmed by a new patent uploaded on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) portal, which shows some details of the operation of this cooling system (source: LetsGoDigital, the same one that first showed the dev kit).

PS5 Vapor Chamber

According to the patent, the two “wings” of the dev kit are located overall 3 fans used to cool the APU and 3 more to cool the power supply. Apparently Sony uses a steam chamber “advanced liquid cooling system” to cool this dev kit. The liquid inside a steam chamber is heated by the heat emitted by the CPU to then evaporate and be dissipated uniformly in the heatpipes that complete the cooling system.

PS5 Vapor Chamber

Other reports make it known that Sony would spend “a few dollars” on the cooling system of each PlayStation 5 unit built, or more than the average: a system with these characteristics usually requires less than a dollar to produce its own cooling system.

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