Planes, from Monday they will travel full: what changes. The guidelines


    <h2>The mask must be changed every four hours and you do not go on board with a temperature above 37.5 degrees</h2>


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    <p>The <strong>planes</strong>, from Monday<strong> June 15</strong>, they will be able to fly full. The <strong>social distancing</strong> on board, according to Corriere della Sera, was removed by the government in one of the technical annexes of the Dpcm published in the Official Journal. Airlines, especially low cost ones, will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

The decision was made following the guidelines suggested by the European Aviation Safety Agency (Easa). Only obligations on board, the mask and don’t pass one temperature body temperature of 37.5 degrees.

The document states that in the “aviation sector” there remains “the obligation of interpersonal distancing of a meter on board the aircraft, inside the terminals and all the other airport facilities “or the buses for passenger transport, but with some important ones derogations.

Air travel, the requirements for air filters

The novelty, as stated in the document, is this: “It is allowed to derogate from the interpersonal spacing of one meter, on board the aircraft, in case the air on board is renewed every three minutesi, the flows are vertical and the Epe filters are adopted, as these precautions allow a very high air purification “.

The difference, therefore, lies in the filters for the exchange of air. However, some experts consulted by Corriere della Sera have explained that this is a condition already met by the majority of the aircraft operating in Italy: the Embraer, the Airbus and the Boeing.

Travel by plane, the mask is changed every four hours

Another specific requirement that can make derogation derogate is the “case in which specific health safety protocols are adopted” including “the measurement of the temperature before accessing the aircraft “and” ensure the maximum duration of use of the surgical mask not exceeding four hours “.

So, among the innovations introduced for air travel, there is the change of mask every four hours for aircraft passengers. Finally, it is envisaged that “the ascents and descents from the aircraft and the placement in the assigned seat are individually regulated in order to avoid close contacts between passengers during the handling phase”.

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