Pioli: “I’m only thinking of bringing Milan back to Europe”


The Rossoneri coach: “We play against the Bianconeri. The comparison with Gazidis is useful, talking is always the best thing”

“Our goal is to bring Milan back to Europe. We have two ways to go, the championship and the Italian Cup. The first opportunity comes from the Cup and we are focused on this.” These are the words of Stefano Pioli, AC Milan coach, on the eve of the match against Juventus. “This season we have faced Juve twice and it has always been difficult matches for us but also for them, and on both occasions we have left the field with some regrets in terms of result. If they found the right thrust in the right time in the first two games, now we will have to be good at finding it. We will start on an equal basis. We have the disadvantage of the result but we have the qualities to play our game “.

Future and comparisons

On his future in the balance, Pioli explained: “In the past, hardly 14 games from the end of the season I already knew my professional future. I have only one goal in mind: to give my best and get the most from this season because we still have of the objectives to be achieved. Yesterday’s confrontation with Gazidis? It served, there was a clear and direct confrontation. Talking is always the best thing to do, even if you have different opinions “.


“After such long stops, the conditions and hierarchies can change. We will play every three days and everyone will be needed. They have all returned well, they have worked well at home and they are doing it here too. It is clear that no one will be able to be at tomorrow 100%, as our opponents will not be. Paquetà is one of the best ones. Bennacer? He has shown excellent things, he is doing a quality championship, but I think he can improve much more. He is a boy generous and a hard worker, his growth can be constant with this attitude “.

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