Pietro Puzone, from the Scudetto with Napoli from Maradona to life on the street in Acerra: solidarity competition


He is going through a very complicated phase and the solidarity race starts to help him. Appeal on the web for Pietro Puzone: the ex Napoli player lives on the street and needs help. There would already be important news. But let’s proceed in order. We are in Acerra, the city of the former 57-year-old footballer, champion of Italy with Napoli in 1987.

The offensive midfielder raised in the youth of the blues never broke into the first team. It is remembered, above all, for the great friendship with Maradona, in fact, between the two, a strong bond had been established, especially off the pitch. And then Puzone is remembered for his gestures of solidarity, first of all a charity match for a child who had to undergo an expensive surgery. To play it, Puzone dragged his teammates onto an Acerra pitch. A friendly by no means authorized by the Napoli Football Club, but Diego and many companions went to that muddy suburban field, with the official shirt, and had fun showing off against a team of amateurs. Other times. A clicked video on Youtube remembers that memorable day.

Later in his career he also played for Catania, Spezia and Ischia Isolaverde. The video published on Facebook by his fellow citizen Gianluigi Diodato goes around the web.

A listener de The Radiazza, radio broadcast broadcast on air Radio Mars, Wrote to the editorial staff: “Pietro is in inhuman conditions: he has become a clochard, he sleeps on the benches and is probably ill. We have reported this situation to the mayor, but nobody has intervened”.

However, the mayor of Acerra says that he has already tried in the past to help Puzone: “We dealt with it already in May, in full Covid emergency. I myself noticed the former footballer on a bench, while I was passing by the car, and I had him approached by my driver. He was with two other people, who were in the same condition, and only one of them agreed to be helped. ” The mayor, while not being able to reveal all the details of the story for obvious reasons of confidentiality, says: “With Pietro we managed a couple of times to make him take a shower and make him wear clean clothes to allow him to go to the Sert in decent conditions, but unfortunately, the interview with the doctors did not go well. I think that to help him it would be useful for people who lived with him during the Naples of Maradona to hook him up and act as a stimulus to make him understand that he is still someone and that he must be helped “.

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Then again on the radio later a friend of the Puzone family announced: “Just yesterday we accompanied him to the community, where he will begin treatment to get out of the tunnel where he ended up”. Come on Pietro.

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