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TORINO. “Piedmont is healthy and is able to face the reopening of June 3rd”. The Republic Day for Alberto Cirio has the flavor of rebirth. “We celebrate the values ​​of democracy and freedom, compressed in recent months because of the health emergency”. The darkest months are behind us and the Region is ready to get moving again.

Also because the risk of a deferred restart from the rest of Italy is now definitively averted: the hypothesis, circulated in government circles in recent weeks, has yielded to the test of data. “They are excellent and the ministry report promotes us with flying colors”, adds Cirio, citing the latest regional bulletin: 21 new infections, 9 deaths and for the first time the hospitalized under a thousand, with 54 patients in intensive care.

“The situation is under control, also thanks to a radical change of approach compared to phase 1”, underlines Bartolomeo Griglio, coordinator of the regional prevention plan. “Before, cases were chased, today the attitude is proactive and aims at the early detection of new cases, which are immediately isolated and subjected to swabs under the supervision of family doctors”. Of the 971 diagnoses made in the past two weeks, 9% concern young people under the age of 25 and 41% adults over the age of 64. The virus continues to mainly affect the elderly, but the incidence of post lockdown is increasing among boys. Not only. “Up to 50% of the new infected are asymptomatic,” explains Griglio, adding that the serological tests carried out to date on the most exposed sections of the population, such as healthcare personnel, have found only 3 to 7 percent of antibodies to the virus of the cases. “We are very far from flock immunity.”

A problem that also affects the rest of Italy and which will have to be dealt with especially in the event of a new wave in the autumn. Although, according to Professor Zangrillo, head of San Raffaele in Milan, Covid-19 no longer exists. “The study that found a lower concentration of the virus in the tampons gives us hope,” comments Ferruccio Fazio, president of the task force of the Region. “However, we must be ready for any eventuality, so we will ask the ministry to make the flu vaccine compulsory for those over 60,” adds Health Councilor Luigi Icardi. If the go-ahead comes, Cirio ensures that the vaccine will be free for the Piedmontese.

In the meantime, however, we look to summer, to the tourist season that will start tomorrow, with the early opening of the 58 beaches of Piedmont lakes and rivers. “We do not have the sea, but our waters have the ARPA excellence certification”, underlines the commissioner for the environment Matteo Marnati. From Viverone to Avigliana, from Maggiore to Sirio: green light to rediscover the local beauties for those arriving from all over Italy and, from 15 June, also for tourists from the rest of Europe. “With caution, we return to normal,” says Cirio, announcing that he will not renew the obligation to wear an outdoor mask introduced during the long weekend of June 2.

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