Piazza XXV Aprile, Eataly Smeraldo expands outdoors for summer 2020 after the lockdown


Eataly “expands” in Piazza XXV Aprile, outdoors, significantly expanding the area in front of the former Emerald Theater with new furnishing accessories. It does so on the basis of the post-lockdown measures from Covid-19 which provide, throughout the city, facilities for clubs and restaurants that choose to enlarge the open spaces to facilitate social distancing, still to be maintained in public places.

The spaces will be open all day and allow a kind of immersion in a new “green context” for the square overlooking Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi. In addition to a new ice cream shop, Eataly All’Aperto ranges from breakfast to the lunch menu with fresh dishes, then proceeds with an aperitif and dinner.

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Open all day

During the day, therefore, the Milanese and, when they arrive, tourists will be able to take advantage of the new dimension of Eataly overlooking the square. And there will be special themed dinners.

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