Piano Colao, from smart working to the postponement of taxes: the 102 proposals to relaunch Italy


One hundred and two proposals to revive Italy in the 2020-22 three-year period after the pandemic blow. They are contained in the Report delivered to the President of the Council by the committee of experts appointed by Giuseppe Conte himself and chaired by Vittorio Colao. The plan recommends three axes for the transformation of the country: digitization and innovation in the public and private sectors; green revolution; gender equality and inclusion. The 53 dense pages of the Report, accompanied by 121 pages of worksheets may also seem like a dream book, but they contain many concrete proposals, 102 precisely (in turn divided into sub-proposals), divided into six areas of action, of which the government could treasure. Here are a few.

Business and work

Exclude Covid-19 infection from the employer’s criminal liability. Allow, as a temporary derogation from the decree of dignity, that is, without reason, the renewal of the forward contracts. Launch the voluntary disclosure for the emergence of cash deriving from income processed against the payment of a substitute tax. Similarly, also encourage the return of hidden capital abroad. Encourage electronic payments. Restore super and hyper depreciation. Abolition of the prohibition of cumulation between pay and layoffs. Encourage aggregations between small businesses by defiscalizing the share of higher income deriving from the transaction. Decontribution and tax incentive for the return to Italy of high value-added companies. Defer the 2019 tax balance and the first 2020 advance. Renegotiation of lease contracts by dividing the risk between the lessor and the tenant. Smart working law for all sectors, activities and roles.


National laws / protocols for the realization of strategic infrastructures that cannot be opposed by local authorities. Pure and simple application of European directives instead of the procurement code. Single fiber optic network with access to all public administration buildings. Develop 5G networks by adapting electromagnetic emission levels to European values, today about 3 times higher. A voucher to support access to broadband for the poorest groups. Encourage the green renewal of the public and private vehicle fleet. Closure to private traffic in urban centers.

Tourism, art and culture

Establish a Covid fund to support museums, cultural activities and parks. Strengthen the high-speed backbones to improve access to tourist places. Strengthen tax incentives on donations and sponsorships. Low rate loans and tax credits for the redevelopment of accommodation facilities.


Reform the liability of officials and public managers for tax damage. Public platform to measure the disposal of files in real time. Expand self-certification and silence-assent. Create a unit dedicated to the recruitment of state personnel. Diffusion of smart working in the pa. Develop a digital health ecosystem that makes all patient health data available to authorized operators to decide the most appropriate care (home, hospital).


Reform of the PhD in compliance with international standards. National educator updating program for 20 Saturdays a year in collaboration with large high-tech companies, research bodies and universities. Create a fund for the right to skills to counter the expected drop in registrations by supporting medium-low income families. Encourage professional degrees and ITS, higher technical institutes. Launch a digital education-to-employment platform, open to all, with training courses developed by companies to find the necessary professional skills. Ban 40 new PhD courses for innovation.


Create proximity welfare centers in cities. Labor policies for the disabled, with national register and tutor. Adopt the gender impact assessment for each legislative, regulatory and political initiative. National plan for nest development. Single allowance for children. Incentives for hiring women victims of violence. Extend civil service.

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