Phase 3, the relationship of Colao to Conte. “Digitization, green revolution and gender equality to transform Italy”. In the incentive plan for electronic payments, optical fiber everywhere, more public nests


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Three “Axes of reinforcement” for the transformation of Italy: digitization, green revolution, gender equality and inclusion. And six key areas for rebooting after coronavirus: companies and work, infrastructure and environment; tourism, art and culture; public administration; instruction, research and skills; individuals e families. They are the coordinates of the final report delivered to the Presidency of the Council by the committee of experts led by Vittorio Colao. “Initiatives for the relaunch of Italy 2020-2022 “, is the title: a hundreds of proposals operational from which the government can draw ideas for Recovery plan Italian and for the discussion that will open in the coming days with the social partners in the context of “general states of the economy”Announced by the premier Giuseppe Conte.

The text of the document published by Courier service – the oppositions had asked the government to make it immediately public – he explains that the six areas of action “are equally important, they complement and reinforce each other” and “only through a profound change in each of them will it be possible build the foundations for accelerated and lasting development for our country “. The ultimate goal is to make Italy “more resilient to future system shocks “, more”reactive and competitive with respect to industrial and technological transformations “,” more sustainable and fair to limit the effects of shocks on the most vulnerable of the population and avoid a structural weakening of the “primary” factors of development “.

The proposals are divided into initiatives to be implemented immediately (in the next three months), more complex interventions that can be financed as early as 2021 and initiatives “to be explored” because they have “significant impacts on public finances”. Here are the main ones, divided by areas.

Business and work – As regards emergency interventions, the Committee proposes the Covid-19 infection removal give her criminal liability of the employer (even if a clarification has already been included in the Liquidity decree), the promotion of Smart Working and a temporary derogation to allow the renewal of expired time contracts (the relaunch decree eliminates the causal only until 30 August). Furthermore, it is asked to “guarantee survival liquidity to companies, for example through the horizontal compensation of tax debts and credits” and “strengthen the capitalization of businesses facilitating capital increases, encouraging them and simplifying the process “.
Among the recommended measures appears as expected theincentive to use electronic payments with deductions / deductions from the personal income tax, lotteries instant win, tax credit for merchants and agreements with the banking system for the reduction of commissions. In addition to making them effective sanctions for businesses and services without Pos. Two proposals follow that promise to unleash considerable debate among the majority forces: emergence and regularization of cash deriving from undeclared income (also related to the emergence of undeclared work) against the payment of a substitute tax and the “use for a minimum period of time of a significant part of the amount” in activities functional to the recovery and return of foreign capital with a new Voluntary Disclosure, always making to pay the relative taxes and with obligation of partial reinvestment.
Other indications are the retraining of the workforce and the unemployed financed through specialized funds, incentives for technological innovation of companies with the restoration and strengthening of the super-amortization and hyper-amortization measures envisaged by Industry 4.0 and initiatives to promote the return to Italy (reshoring) of activities with high added value and / or production through decontribution and incentives.

Infrastructure and environment – “To reduce the country’s severe infrastructure disadvantage, the investment requirement is estimated to be over 300 billion over the next five years,” explains the document, which – just as the government is preparing to launch a new decree Unblock construction sites – suggests “an extraordinary acceleration worth 50-100 billion over the next 18 months”. Infrastructure developments must, however, “privilege uncompromisingly the environmental sustainability, promoting the energy transition and the “zero balance” in terms of land use, in line with the objectives of the Green Deal Europe “. Among the infrastructures to be upgraded there are obviously those for telecommunications: “Lo ubiquitous development of the fiber optic network it is the top priority, since it generates economic activity in the immediate term and stimulates future growth. It is essential to complete the installation of this network throughout the country, complementary to the full development of the 5G network which must in turn be implemented quickly, in line with the most advanced countries “.
For what concern procurement code, the task force suggests to “apply the European Directives to infrastructures” of strategic interest “and integrate them only for the portions in which they are not self-applying.

“The Committee – reads the note – which operated on a basis voluntary and without no cost for the community – thanked the Prime Minister for the opportunity offered to make his competences available to the institutions of the Republic. A special thanks goes to the officials of the institutions who in the eight weeks of work have contributed, facilitated and supported the Committee’s activities on a technical level “.

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