Phase 3, the Colao plan (in 6 points) delivered to Conte: infrastructure, companies, tourism. Oppositions: be made public


The report, the result of 8 weeks of work

After two months of work, the committee of experts led by manager Vittorio Colao, wanted by Conte to suggest strategies both for the management of the post-Covid phase and for the country’s economic recovery, presented the results of the work to the head of government. It consists of 120 cards and insights divided into 6 sectors: Business and Labor, Infrastructure and environment, Tourism, Art and Culture, Public administration, Education, Research and skills, Individuals and families.
The work of the task force could be a source of the summary that the prime minister is putting on black and white in these hours in view of the general states of the economy that will start on Thursday at Villa Doria Pamphili. It should also be officially presented in the next few hours, while the oppositions ask for it to become public, in order to be consulted by all Italians.

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