Phase 3, tension in government: risk of postponement of the general states


During the meeting with the heads of delegation, the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri and the owner of the Mise Stefano Patuanelli the tension emerges clearly. Not to hide the criticisms of the Democratic Party, according to what the majority sources say, is Dario Franceschini. With tens of billions to spend it is not possible to put in place a plan for economic recovery in a few days, it is better to transform the event into an opportunity for listening, it would have been the reasoning of the Head of the Dem delegation.

While the M5S says it fully agrees with Conte’s initiative, Iv maintains a position not contrary to the General States but on one condition: that unnecessary catwalks are avoided and concrete things are done, explain Renzian sources. But the crippled departure of the initiative could determine its postponement: it is almost impossible that the go-ahead to the meetings takes place on Monday as it was in Conte’s initial intentions.

Mes, Misiani: look at EU funds without prejudice On Mes “I believe there are all the conditions for a positive decision”. With the M5s “we will decide together. The important thing is to start from the priorities and the need for resources, sifting without prejudice all the tools that the EU offers us. Mes included”. This was stated by Deputy Minister for Economics Antonio Misiani (Pd), interviewed by Corriere della Sera. “The conditions of the Mes are very convenient for Italy, which would even take advantage of a negative interest rate on loans up to 7 years and a little more than zero on those up to 10 years, compared to rates on the BTPs of the debt Italian audience 1.7% “, highlights Misiani. “Furthermore, there are no other conditions, except that the expenditure directly and indirectly concerns health care. Italy could thus obtain up to 36 billion euros. This is a very important opportunity to strengthen the sanitary system”.

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