Phase 3, new Dpcm signed: on Monday summer centers and cinemas reopen. From June 25 ok to contact sports. Discos closed until July 14th


Green light to summer centres and ai cinema, the arcades they will reopen according to the trend of the epidemic in the individual territories, while the discotheques and will not be able to resume cruises. For the matches of football between friends and everyone else contact sports you will have to wait until June 25 instead. The new is ready Dpcm which will be in effect from June 15 to the July 14, with the draft which provides numerous reopenings, always respecting rules and precautions to prevent the spread of the infection from coronavirus. Here are the main novelties of the decree.

Play areas and summer centers – The return play areas in parks and municipal villas for children – therefore slides is swings – and summer centers reopen. From June 15, therefore next Monday, “access of minors is allowed, also together with family or other people habitually living or appointed to care for them – reads the text of the draft – at play areas within parks, villas and public parks, to do playful activity or outdoor recreation in compliance with guidelines of the family policy department. ” Also allowed “access to children is boys to places intended for the performance of recreational, recreational and educational activities, even non-formal, indoors or outdoors, with the help of operators to whom to entrust them in custody and with the obligation to adopt special security protocols prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the department for family policies “.

Green light for soccer and beach volleyball, but only from 25 June – The ‘little matches’ are back, soccer with friends, challenges a Beach volley. But also the boxing for fans, the basketball and all contact sports knocked out by Covid-19 and lockdown. “Starting from 25 June 2020 – reads the draft of the Dpcm – it is also allowed to carry out contact sports in the Regions and Autonomous Provinces that have previously ascertained, in agreement with the Ministry of Health and the governing authority delegated in the matter of sport, the compatibility of the aforementioned activities with the progress of the epidemiological situation in their respective territories, in accordance with the guidelines referred to in the previous period, insofar as they are compatible “.

The recovery on June 12 of the “sporting events and competitions behind closed doors, even the Italian football cup, to be clear, without the presence of the public as required by the protocols “.

Cinemas and theaters: 1,000 outdoors, 200 in theaters – The shows open to the public in theater rooms, concert halls, cinemas and in other spaces also outdoors are carried out with seats to sit preassigned and spaced and provided that the respect of the interpersonal distance of at least one meter is ensured both for the staff and for the audience who are not habitually living together, with the maximum number of 1,000 spectators for outdoor performances and 200 spectators for shows in closed places, for each single room “, reads the draft of the Dpcm which then reopens cinemas and theaters. “Events involving gatherings in closed or open spaces remain suspended when safety conditions cannot be guaranteed”, the text specifies.

No to discos and fairs – “They remain suspended until July 14, 2020 the activities that take place in dance halls is discotheques and similar premises, outdoors or indoors, exhibitions and i congresses “, we read in the draft of the Dpcm which therefore denies the hypothesis circulated in recent days of an immediate restart also of the premises where to dance, albeit with stringent rules such as distance between tables and movements on the track.

The stop to non-EU travel remains – “Until the June 30, 2020, travel to and from different states and territories “from those of theEuropean Union and the Balkans “except as proven working needs, of absolute urgency or for health reasons. In any case, it is permitted to return to one’s home, home or residence “, reads the text of the provision.

However, it was extended “to 120 hours, five days, the maximum period of stay without home quarantine for those who enter the national territory for proven work reasons “, as well as” for those who go abroad for proven work reasons “.

Quoted entrance to museums – As for i museums, it is foreseen that “the service of opening to the public of museums and other institutes and places of culture is insured provided that these institutions and places, taking into account the dimensions and the characteristics of the premises open to the public, as well as the visitor flows (more or less than 100,000 a year) – reads the draft – guarantee methods of quota use or in any case such as to avoid gatherings of people and to allow visitors to respect the distance between them of at least one meter “.

Spas? Diversified reopenings – Spas, spas, cultural centers and social centers instead they can reopen on condition that “the regions and autonomous provinces have previously verified the compatibility the performance of the aforementioned activities with the trend of the epidemiological situation in their territories and which identify the protocols or the applicable guidelines suitable to prevent or reduce the risk of contagion in the reference sector or in similar sectors “. Same layout for arcades, betting rooms and bingo halls.

No to cruises – Until the July 14 are suspended i cruise services by the passenger ships of the Italian flag: “Ships allowed foreign flag used in cruise services lEntry into ports Italians exclusively for the purposes of idle stop “, it also reads in the text.

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