Phase 3, Conte: “Our credibility will depend on how we will use EU funds. The plan for the rebirth will be shared with the opposition and the social partners. From Confindustria unhappy words, but we will all listen”


The data on new infections are “encouraging“, Although to be watched with caution, and are the fundamental premise to focus on the country’s economic recovery. On the day when the borders between the Regions are reopened, officially kicking off the phase 3 of the coronavirus emergency, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met with reporters and talked about the government’s commitment for the coming weeks. “We deserve the smile and the joy, but let’s be careful”, was the beginning. Now the game that opens is another and no less crucial for Italy: “We have to reckon,” said the premier, “with the economic and social emergency“. Then he reiterated the apologies for “the delay in aid” (“we are taking action to pay more bonuses and social safety nets”) and spoke of the importance of how they will be spent EU funds: “From there the credibility of Italy will depend.”

To achieve what, as anticipated these days, is his plan for rebirth, in the coming days he will see the social partners. “I intend to convene a soon Palazzo Chigi, the main players in the Italian system “. And the confrontation will also be with the opposition: “I do not mean these sums for Italy from the EU as a treasure that the government must have. It is a long-term plan and it is right that we do it with oppositions“. And also with the industrialists, despite the words of the president of Confindustria Bonomi who in recent days has declared that “the government is more harmful than the virus”: “Thatexpression is definitely unhappy, and I will send it back to the sender “, replied Conte. “Having said that, we have a responsibility to govern, we have the general states of the economy, in which Confindustria will also participate. From the interview he released, I assume he will be able forward-looking projects that will not be limited only to the reduction of taxes, but they will also include large-scale and impactful projects for the future of the country and I am happy to deal with them too “. And, he added: “Look, this government does not have a collectivist culture, there has also been talk of sovietization but I never thought about it. This government has the cult of the constitutional principle of freedom of enterprise, but I would like those who have responsibility for a company to reason and embrace socially responsible practices. There is a corporate responsibility also as an institution and this belongs to the best Italian tradition: I make a name, Olivetti “.

“Prudence and physical distancing” – The prime minister’s first consideration was precisely on the data of the infections and coronavirus deaths, which are currently constantly decreasing. But on which we must, he said, still be very cautious. “I have renewed enthusiasm, there is great attention for this rediscovered sociality: quite right, we deserve the smile and the joy, but it is good to always remember that if we are among the first EU countries that can afford to restart the activities, it is because we have all agreed to do sacrifices “. And, addressing citizens, he added: “I’m just saying, let’s be careful: the only effective measures” against the virus are “physical distancing and use, where necessary of the masks. Abandoning these precautions is a serious lightness “.

“Italy’s credibility will depend on how it spends EU funds” – Concerns are now shifting to the economic front: “We have to deal with the economic and social emergency,” said the premier. “We realize the delays, we realize that we are dealing with legislation that was not at all ready for such generalized disbursements. Of these delays I have already apologized and we are taking action to pay bonuses and social safety nets faster. ” But in addition to the aid already paid, the opportunity that Conte called “historic” regards the use of the funds that will come thanks to the Recovery fund. “Thanks to the support of Italy, the EU commission has put forward a proposal. We will have to take this opportunity and know how to spend this money well. The credibility not only of the government but of the Italian system will be measured on the spending project that we will be able to carry out ”.

“Cohesion and the Rebirth Plan” – In speaking of the phase that is now opening, the Prime Minister mentioned the appeal of Sergio Mattarella who, on the occasion of Republic Day, asked for unity from political forces as in 1946. “There is now a new beginning. We must act in the spirit of June 2, in the spirit of sharingand, ”he said. “Now we need courage and foresight, against partisan and reductive visions”.

“We are working on this Renaissance plan, this recovery plan. We will have to work on innovation, broadband for the whole country “. Then, “we must focus as strongly as ever in the past on the right to education”. And, he said, “I ask all political forces to collaborate on the reforms already in the pipeline in Parliament”. “We have to work better to support businesses, we have to work on inclusion and tackle inequalities.” And, again, “we have to work at high speed network. We have to interconnect all the infrastructures “. We need “a serious tax reform. Our tax department is unfair and inefficient and we are working on this “. Then, “the times of civil and criminal justice today they are not acceptable. And a code that has never been reformed and that dates back to the early decades of the twentieth century is not acceptable. The long process times do not advise entrepreneurs to come to Italy. I call on all political forces to work to implement these reforms. ” And precisely on the balance of government, put into discussions by several parties in recent weeks, he denied that he is thinking of team changes: “The executive reshuffle it has nothing to do with the country’s revival plan, “he said.

The dossier on Autostrade – At the end of his speech, answering the questions, the premier also spoke about the Autostrade issue and the hypothesis of revocation of the concession on which a solution will have to be reached in the coming months. “As far as I’m concerned, nothing has changed,” he said, “there is a pending concession procedure in progress. So there are obvious defaults by the dealer for me there are all the details for the revocation. Transaction proposals have been made. In order for the transaction proposals to be accepted, it means that they have a greater advantage for the grantor, therefore for the general interest than that of the revocation. If it has not ended so far, make yourself an idea, it means that these settlement proposals are not compatible with the general interest. But as it is a complex procedure, the government will soon decide. ”

The bridge over the Strait – Finally, always solicited by the reporters, Conte spoke of the project, returned to appear in the newspapers and in the speeches of the politicians of the last days, of the bridge over the Strait: “The Bridge over the Strait? I don’t want to talk about imaginative works … There is so much to do, Rome-Pescara “and then the infrastructure in the South, starting” from Sicily “, High Speed. “Then I will sit at the table and without prejudice I will also evaluate the Bridge over the Strait”.

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