Phase 3, Conte and Sanchez write to the EU: we need to coordinate border measures and follow common criteria – La Stampa


“Dear President, dear Ursula” thus begins the four-handed letter sent by the Italian and Spanish Premieres, Giuseppe Conte and Pedro Sanchez, to the leader of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to ask for the restoration of free movement between the member countries and also to the ‘external. Rome and Madrid would like that after more than two months of a lockdown established in random order, the opening of the borders took place in a coordinated way and not in small measure, to avoid the risk of seeing some discriminated against others. The point that is close to the heart of the two governments, among those most affected by the coronavirus, is a coordination that guarantees the return to normality “on the basis of clear and transparent epidemiological criteria”. That is to say that the hope that reason and medicine will prevail over prejudice.

Spain and Italy share not only the very high price paid to the pandemic in terms of victims but also the collateral damage, in the sense that both depend substantially on those tourists who represent more than 13% of the GDP and who for the time being stay away from reservations and holidays. The road map established by Rome foresees that, in theory, it is possible to enter already from June 3 (to exit depends on the destination) while Madrid has taken a few more days but starting from June 22 it should eliminate the controls on the border with France and Portugal .

Thanking the Commission for the efforts made to protect the health of all EU citizens, Conte and Sanchez propose that the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention play a key role, with tools agreed by all, for the safe reopening of the borders and the restoration of the open space of Shengen.

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