Phase 3, Azzolina: “At school modern desks to recover space”


Interviewed by The messenger, Azzolina explained the reason for the choices made for the return to class of pupils. “The staggered entrances they serve to avoid overcrowding not only in front of the schools, but also on the means of transport – he underlined -. We will organize ourselves trying to avoid inconvenience as much as possible and by working for age groups “.

“There are three things to do to ensure distance and we will do them – added the minister -: improve and recover space inside the institutes, identify new premises outside the school, have more teachers and ATA staff. We will put school-to-school solutions into practice together with the regional tables that have already started. On the first of September the institutes will already be open to give lessons to those who are left behind and those who want to enhance their learning. Then on the 14th the official start of the lessons “.

As for the possible obligation of the mask for those over six years old, “the Ministry of Health has already said it will reevaluate the measure in the second half of August.”

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